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Our competent engineers are well adapt in making design using auto cad, Pro-engineer software, Solid works etc.
  The most important aspects behind AMP Impex's success are:

1. Its use of cutting edge technology in the field of automotive parts & engineering components.

2. Its excessive emphasis on R&D; activities, more than its other competitors in the same industry.

3. Highly qualified & experienced engineers, who put in the best efforts to produce quality oriented     products.

4. Thorough testing/inspection & checking of each & every product as per international standards &      regulations.

5. The company has the unique ability to build right quality tooling for all types of product     manufacturers (brake hoses/brake pipes etc), that too in both, small & large volumes.

  Quality Policy

1. Quality is priority numbers one. For this process management is actively pursuing the concept of     TQM.

2. Plan and provide training to employees for acquiring knowledge and practice TQM.

3. Monitor quality of our product to meet international standards.

4. Encourage export to a great extent.

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