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AMP is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company engaged in diversified manufacturing activities.
AMP is a leading manufacturer
, service provider (Cad service) & exporter of products constituting Automobile Parts , Engineering Parts , Medical Instrument Products and Telecom Tower Products and fittings. Since the year 1993, the company has been a specialist in manufacturing different commodities such as:

1) Brake Parts
2) Machined Parts / Turned Parts
3) Sheet Metal Parts
4) Cad Design & Service
5) Exhaust System
6) Casted Components 
7) Cutters & Blades
8) Rubber Parts
9) Hydraulic Hose & Fittings
10) Fasteners
11) Head Lights & Tail Lights
12) Plastic Components
13) Spring
14) Tubular Components
15) Two Wheeler Parts
16) Tractor Parts
17) Telecommunication Equipments
18) Guide & Rubber Rollers

The company is one of the very few manufacturers of Brake Hoses using imported rubber hoses as a constituent. These rubber hoses used in the assembly of brake hoses are especially imported from the best known sources in the world. Till date the company has developed and marketed 830 different types of components involving new end fittings & clamps, other engineering components and has made rapid strides in the quality driven and fiercely competitive global market as well as the price conscious domestic market only due to its total commitment towards meeting the exacting customer standards.

Through the years the company has gained specialization in various engineering, medical and telecom goods which require specialized processes, Minimum tolerances and huge technical brains which serves American, European and Japanese clients. Since, the company products have to compete with the best of international brands, the company makes sure that AMP components pass through stringent quality checks as International standards before being rolled out of the company's manufacturing unit.

Company's components/products are being exported into the overseas markets of USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Japan  & Europe for the last 10 years, which is clearly indicative of the worldwide acceptance that the company‘s auto components & Engineering components have managed to create in the international scenario