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AMP is equipped with presses ranging from 5 tons to 400 tons, can produce any profile of components having intricate design. Our engineers have rich experience in designing complicated components and progressive dies. We also manufacture deep drawn components equipped with 4 Nos. of double action presses with capacity of 150 ton, 200 ton & 250 ton. We export millions of clamp, exhaust components, silencer, auto parts, washers, pressure plates and other sheet metal component to various countries.
Sheet Metal Parts
Power Press
Power Press
Steel & Copper Washers
Clutch Shaft
Heavy Brush Holders
Custom made Headlight Support
Headlight for classic Motor Cycle
Support Assembly for Motor Cycle
Shock Observer Parts
Brush Holder for Cars
Electrical Parts
Fuel Filters
Headlight for Classic Bikes
Sheet Metal Components
Sheet Metal Fabricated Components
Sheet Metal Fabricated
Stand for Telecom
Sheet Metal Fabricated
Stand for Telecom
Intricate Sheet Metal Part