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We are manufacturer of automobile tabular components, Silencer Assy's, Sheet Metal Parts, Oil Pipe, Fuel Injection Pipes, Turned Parts, Hand Tools, certified an ISO 9001-2000 company. We are also manufacturing hydraulic hoses & rotary pumps with latest CNC technology. Our local concern is one of the leading original equipment suppliers to the renewed automobile companies in India.

Leg Gaurds
Exhaust Pipe
Bike Body Frame
Bike Stands

List of Machineries :-

CNC Pipe bending Machine (Japan) up to 20mm
CNC Pipe Bender double radius (Japan) up to 20mm
Nut forming M/c (Taiwan) for making low carbon steel nuts
Thread rolling machine with auto feeder system
Thread rolling machine (3 thread forming die)
End Forming machine
End pipe processing machine (Japan)
Brazing furnace with conveyor system
NC pipe bending machine
Auto lathe
Surface Grinding machine
Tool & cutter grinding machine
Power presses up to 100 tons
Hydraulic power presses up to 50 tons
MIG welding

Spot welding
Electric welding
TIG welding
Pipe cutting machine
Hydraulic flaring machine
Milling machine
Shaper machine

For Mufflers assembly Mfg.:-

Double wall bending machine
Both end flaring machine
End seeming machine

Surface coating in house facility :-

Powder coating
Zinc plating
Sand blasting etc.