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We export components having intricate design and critical application such as automotive components, value for gas, oil etc. made by lost wax process. Die casted components: We under takes manufacturing of process and non-process components using gravity die castings, sand castings, pressure die casting pressure.

Most modern Tool Room Machinery, Automats, Compression Moulding Presses, Conventional Power Presses, Tapping Machines, Special Purpose Testing Machines, Measuring Instruments like Vernier Calliper, Micrometer, Vernier Height Gauge, Bore Gauge, Plug Gauges, Ring Gauges, Radius Gauges, Thread Gauges etc. are being used at AMP.
Casted Components
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Die Casted Components
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Our manufacturing rang for Pressure die casted components includes the following:-
  1. Brake drums
  2. clutch and brake levers
  3. Die casted disc brake calliper disc etc

Apart from above we also have expertise in manufacturing cylinder head , water pump housing, chain wheel sprockets,foot rests and various Misc. Die casted and CNC machined components for motorcycles & cars.

Our facility includes Electronica make spark erosion machine , Die casting m/c(Toya ,Japan), Machining centre(Daewoo), Pr. die casting m/cs and all required inspection instruments.